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Nicaragua: Medium Roast // Single Origin // Organic

Nicaragua: Medium Roast // Single Origin // Organic

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From the tropical lands of lakes and volcanoes, grown in the Matagalpa Highlands, these specialty grade beans emanate a smooth and balanced cup with delightfully defined notes and a cocoa finish. In this Nicaraguan roast you will find a vibrant sweetness and a notion of nutty flavors, with a rich mouthfeel and bright finish.

Farm: Chavarria Farms - Café Diego

Elevation: 900 meters (~2900 feet)

Process: Washed/Wet-Processed

Tasting Notes: Caramel sweetness with a chocolaty undertone. Clean, sweet, citrus acidity as it cools. Well balanced and smooth cup overall. 

Recommended Brew Methods: Filter Coffee, Full Immersion, Espresso


Watch a short documentary of Café Diego: The Cost of a Dream here! 


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Shipping & Returns

All coffee is roasted the day of fulfillment and shipped normally between 2-4 business days.




If for some reason you are not pleased with our roast, please reach out to us, we would be happy to send you a new bag of coffee on us.

Care Instructions

All coffee is recommended to be stored in a vacuum sealed container. The excessive exposure of moisture and oxygen will make the flavors fade, and increase the rapid aging of coffee, making it stale quicker.

We understand that most coffees peak is within the first 2 weeks after roast, so its important to get everything out of that period of time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Blaine H
So Balanced, and Smooth

I ordered this coffee, because it was recommended to me by a friend and man what can I say! I AM PLEASED! Let's start from the box, it's so unique and upon breaking the seal you can smell an amazing aroma coming within the coffee box. I cracked open the bag and it was definitely the freshest coffee I have ever had. I brewed a pour over like I always do and I was taken back by the Nutty flavors and well balanced cup. This is my go to coffee from now on.

Natali Perkins
Fantastic Coffee!

If you are looking for a coffee that has a smooth and bold taste, this coffee is a must try! This coffee is great quality, has great flavor, and at a great price!


Love the taste of it not bitter compared to some other brands I tried

Alin Dragoiu
Great Coffee!

Good job. Love the coffee!


I never thought I would find any coffee better than what I was buying at a local store until I tried coffee from Pure Earth. Both the Ethiopian and Nicaraguan flavors are excellent and I highly recommend them!


Pure Earth strives to develop relationships directly with green coffee farmers and their importers in order to work together to provide the highest quality cup of coffee. We focus on the farm so that we can support the very people behind the coffee you drink.